Published On: Sun, Feb 10th, 2019

Dancing on Ice body language: Holly Willoughby, Phillip Schofield & Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins, 38, left Dancing on Ice tonight after weeks of highs and lows.

Her relationship with hosts Holly Willoughby, 38, and Phillip Schofield, 56, has been rocky, with Gemma branded “unprofessional” by Holly early on in the show.

With the star showing vulnerability after falling on the ice a couple of weeks ago, what is the relationship between the three like now.

Judi James, body language expert, has shared her analysis with

She revealed: “With all Gemma’s dramas dominating this show Holly & Phil’s body language suggests they’re still not quite sure how to respond to her.

“Do they join in the panto like Jason, attracting potential displeasure from the GC and her fans, or do they show sympathy and encouragement in the style of a pair of agony aunties?

“Their first call-out for Gemma was done poker-face style from both. No little winks or eye-brow shrugs to suggest any shared excitement or fun at the prospect of new dramas.”

As the show continued, the presenters seemed to relax.

Judi continued: “They did seem a bit more jolly as they introduced her but once her routine was done and the low scores awarded Phil appeared to stand back out of the field of play just in case while Holly moved in to show empathy and concern.

“Phil’s hands clasped in front of his torso and his pursed lips suggested he was side-lining himself from an emotional outbursts, especially when judge Jason began to criticise Gemma’s routine.

“Holly moved into best friend/big sister mode, stepping towards Gemma with her arms outstretched, offering a touch on the arm as she tried her hand at ego-boosting.”

Gemma herself “genuinely expected” higher scores than the ones she received, Judi revealed after watching Gemma’s dance and the judges critique.

Sharing her body language insight with, Judi said: “This was the night the GC ran out of plotlines and it was sad to watch.

“Over the past few weeks of competition we’ve had temperamental Gemma, slugging it out with Jason; face-plant Gemma crashing dramatically during the last few steps of her routine; vulnerable Gemma, with her make-up streaked with tears as she lost her confidence on the ice, then this week it could only have been come-back Gemma, performing a stunning routine to prove all the critics wrong and show her inner resolve and latent talent.

“The irony of her rehearsal interview suggested worse was to come though when she was seen crashing onto the ice to be hauled to her feet by two men while her face popped up on screen grinning to tell us ‘I’m still standing on this ice, I’m not giving up yet.’

“She could have brought the house down if she’d done anything like a good dance routine but unfortunately it all went horribly flat for her and she got a volley of low scores.

“Clad in leopard-skin and wearing a big beam of delight, Gemma’s routine looked like little more than posturing and air-punching. Even the song ‘I’m a Survivor’ was clearly supposed to lead the theme for her massive come-back, but given that most of the other celebs were skating their hearts out despite horrible injuries it was the wrong night for Gemma to try to conquer hearts with what looked in comparison like a tepid routine.”

When the scores came in, Gemma’s body language revealed what she was expecting – which was somewhat different to the actual outcome.

Judi said: “For some reason Gemma’s body language as the scores came in suggested she genuinely believed she would get marked much higher.

“Given a 4 by Jason she fluffed her hair like a bird fluffing out its feather for a fight and used a pit-bare gesture of retaliation.

“Her eyes rolled round to what looked like her friends and mum in the audience and she tongue-poked, which is a gesture of rejection or even disgust.”

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