Published On: Mon, Mar 18th, 2019

Brexit news: Boris Johnson warns EU will use backstop as Blackmail | Politics | News

The former Foreign Secretary who openly opposes Theresa’s May’s Brexit deal said it would be “detrimental” to the UK and risks the country becoming an “economic colony of Brussels”. He added the UK will be in a “weak” position if the Prime Minister’s deal is voted through. The Conservative MP highlighted taxpayers’ would hand over huge sums of money to the EU for “nothing in return”.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph Mr Johnson said: “We will be legally and politically at the mercy of Brussels, since we will be obliged to accept all EU legislation, during the so-called implementation period.

“Worst of all, the Irish backstop arrangement gives the EU an indefinite means of blackmail.

“They will be able to keep us locked in the customs union and large parts of the single market unless we are prepared to abandon Northern Ireland.

“They will use this blackmail to get their way throughout the negotiations, notably over the free movement of people.”

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Mr Johnson insisted a huge change in Brexit negotiations is needed to stop the UK embarrassing itself.

He said: “If we agree this deal and unless we have a radical change in our approach to the negotiations we face an even greater humiliation in the second phase.

“We have not found a convincing unilateral way out of the backstop.

“Unless we discover some willingness to resist, the diet of capitulation seems set to continue for at least two years.”

He added it’s not too late for the Government to make a “real change” to Mrs May’s deal.

He said: “There is an EU summit this week. It is not too late to get real change to the backstop. It would be absurd to hold the vote before that has even been attempted.”

Mrs May is expected to hold a third vote on her deal despite suffering two huge defeats this year.

She hopes to win over lawmakers who fear the backstop, an insurance policy to stop the return of border controls in Ireland, could trap Britain in the EU.

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